Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Camilla is a guitarist of the italian hardcore band To Kill. I met her while touring with my old band and she struck me as a great guitar player and performer and a lovely person in general. Currently she's writing a new album with To Kill and finishing her studies at University. She was so nice and made time to give in to this cowspiracy.

So how was the year 2008 for To Kill?

During 2008 we played a lot of unbelievable shows with great bands such as Bury Your Dead, Verse, Parkway Drive but on the other hand we had to face some problems with our van and with Tommi, the bass player, who left the band in October.Actually we are without either a van or a bass player but the most important thing for us is to play as much as possible even if
sometimes bad luck waits for you around the corner!

I know that you guys had a problems with your van on the last tour. Sometimes being in the band can be such a struggle. How do you manage to support yourself to keep the band going and the wheels rolling?

The van burnt down while we were on tour with Recon and LifeRuiner so we had to come back home 1 week before the end of the tour. It was really sad because in November we would just finish paying the bills for that van...It's really nasty when this kind of things happen to you because it wasn't only about the money we lost. We were really down because we started to think about all the effort we always put on this band and all the sacrifices we made during these years to promote it. In one night everything changed and we had to face several money problems. I would like to thank everyone who helped us during those bad weeks!
The hc scene is a good place also because it's like a second family, you feel at home even if you're far away from it.

How did you end up playing in the band? Have you had an experience playing in the band before?

I joined the band in 2007. While I wasn't a member yet, I used to replace Ugo; sometimes he couldn't go on tour because of his job. Before ToKill I used to play in a little band in Rome called
Haine, but I was 17 and this happened so many years ago...

To Kill is one of the few political hardcore bands with the strong Animal Liberation message. Why is this important to you? Are you personally involved in any other activism?

I really like bands when they have something to scream/sing about. During our live sets or reading our lyrics you can easily understand what our point is. Everyone of us is at least vegetarian, in some cases vegan and this is one of the most important thing in ToKill. I became a vegetarian when I was 17-18 and now in 2009 I strongly think we can live without meat, it's only about spend 5 minutes thiking if we could be able to do something really important for mother earth.
Few years ago I used to have a table at shows with some Peta stuff but today I'm not involved in any other activism. Some of us strongly support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society; check it out: http://www.seashepherd.com/

How's your life influences ( or the environment you grew up in) the music you play? and other way around how's the music/scene influences your life?

The Roman hc scene influenced me while I was a teenager. I owe everything to all the amazing bands who changed my life in the end of '90. I would never been playing music around Europe without them and without some people who gave me the opportunity to join that beautiful moments!

What's the italien hardcore scene like? Are they many girls/women involved in the scene. Any good bands/zines/artists we should check out?

Some years ago the roman scene was the best scene in Italy. There were so many hc bands well known outside the country too. Every weekend there was a show and everyone of us where involved supporting it. Today the roman hc scene doesn't exist anymore. I think this is a normal decay because in some way music changed and the money started to be a really important thing for the bands. Some years ago you would have never think about making money with your band. You played only because it was the funniest part of your life. Today in Rome there're really good screamo/metal/emo/blablabla bands but as I said before, everything now is about be the coolest, having the right endorsement and the right t-shirt. Another important difference is that during the "golden age" there were few girls but everyone of them was an important part of the scene; today there are so many girls but they have a marginal role because they're only the audience. Please, if you have the time check this band: www.myspace.com/deathmarket we deeply love these guys!

Do you have to deal with the sexism on tour/at the shows? What was your worst experience so far (if any)?

Personally I really can't stand some kind of men! Being drunk and howl to the stage only because there's a girl playing there it's something really degradating. I've never had a such experience on tour; plus I have 4 boys in the band who are ready to protect me from everyone! - even if sometimes I feel myself more man than them :) - So think twice before do/say
> anything! :)

Do you think that is harder for the female musician to find her own identity and be accepted in the scene?

I don't think today is really hard for girls be accepted in the scene. I know many bands with a female member and I'm very happy when ToKill play with these bands. As I said before, sometimes we have to face with stupid people too but fortunately they're a minority!

Do you have any favourite female artist/musician who influenced your playing or performance?

No, there isn't a female artist who influenced my playing but I can tell you some female musicians I really admire. When the first Alanis Morissette cd "Jagged Little Pill" came out I was really into it; I corrode that cd! It always was on my player. I really like Kaki King who is an american guitar player; her songs impressed me from the beginning and when I listen to them they always touch me.

What are your plans for the 2009? Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

I would like to finish my university studies in the end of 2009 and play as much as possible with ToKill. I hope Berlusconi will be intern in a psychiatric clinic as soon as possible and the clinic owner would loose the key of his room...It would be a perfect 2009!!!
For now I' struggling between having a piece of chocolate and reminding myself I should follow a diet...

Thanks Camilla!